Portrait photography and photography courses across Cheshire

Photography is amazing! I am totally captivated by the idea of freezing a moment in time and being able to view it endless times. I made the switch from international marketing to professional photographer in 2007 and haven’t looked back! After starting off shooting anything and everything in those early days, my time is now spent on my favourite areas:
photographing children and families; food (and wine!); and working with a wide variety of businesses, creating images that communicate their passion for their products or services.

I love the idea of using photography to tell a story, whether it’s the arrival of a beautiful new baby into the family home, or a series of photographs depicting the passionate people behind a brand, the place where they work and their product or service.

In addition to taking photographs I also love to share my love for photography with others, by running
photography courses that teach people how to take better photographs themselves. Nothing beats seeing someone progress from pointing and shooting to a considered, creative shot that fills them with pride at their achievement. Visit the Love Your Lens website to see the wide variety of courses available and for free photography tips and advice.

I have a wonderfully supportive family. I’m married to Nic, mum to Sam and Abi and walker of our dogs, Ferb and Buster. You can read about us on
the blog.

I love my “job” and nothing gives me greater satisfaction than presenting someone with a photograph that perfectly captures a moment or shows something off to its absolute best. The biggest challenge I face is separating work from home life and recognising when everyone around me has just had enough and won’t let me take “just one last picture!”.